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Let me introduce myself! 

I Became a Hairstylist after Going to College and Just knew that I needed to Follow this 'Gut feeling' that I had to go to Cosmetology School. Little did I know how much I would Fall in love with this industry. My passion for 'getting it right' combined with my enthusiasm and education make me a hardworking and always trying to be better version of myself. When you are in my chair, I love to bring a holistic approach to my life and my career....You are guaranteed to hear my passion for Food, health, Dogs, pilates and my family. And if you are willing to go down a rabbit hole, i dare you to bring up the bachelor to me....i know way too much and love talking about it! 

While you are my guest in the salon or at a wedding, I want you to enjoy yourself, feel relaxed and chat me up...theres no such thing as off limits with  me. You will also note that i value being environmentally conscious in my personal life and with the products i use at the salon.

When I am not at the salon, I am always dreaming of my next goals, teaching for Eufora international (a product company), taking extra classes in the industry, Listening to podcasts of all sorts (love me a good True crime podcast), at my pilates studio, enjoying colorado (skiing and Golfing are my current faves) and making the best of my one life and after a long day you will find me most likely drinking a margarita and eating guacamole! 

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